COMMITMENTS "Quality-Safety-Environment" of the Management :

Everyone within the ORAPI GROUP contributes regularly to quality by seeking to improve the work provided in our various factories.
However, in a continuously changing environment and missions, and the necessary adaptation of our businesses and skills, implementing a more structured approach is necessary to inscribe over time the quality of our products and promote it to our customers and their own customers

Quality :

As part of this policy, ORAPI GROUP strives to better understand the expectations of its customers and other interested parties, to respond to them through the fulfillment of specific commitments and to continuously seek ways to improve their level of satisfaction.
- by visiting clients and listening to their needs.
- by promptly responding and informing a client about an issue.
- by enhancing formulas.
- with products of constant quality and reliable traceability.
- with packaging adapted to the customer's needs.

Environment :

As part of this policy, ORAPI GROUP is committed to taking all the necessary measures to ensure compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and other requirements to which it has subscribed; requests from interested parties, continuous improvement of its environmental performance and also its commitment to preventing the pollution that could result from its activities.

Social :

ORAPI GROUP promotes its development by respecting the different fields of reflection:
- Staff training (internal and external).
- International training (international sessions are organized to form subsidiaries and distributors).
The involvement, accountability and awareness of all staff to quality and the environment are necessary in order to achieve our goal of continuous improvement.

Economic :

From an economic point of view, the aim of our policy is to create value to pay the employees of the company and our shareholders.
It is therefore necessary to act as a responsible societal player (to participate in the academic success of young partnerships with universities and IUTs), but also to combine performance and ethics.

The QSE system targets 3 standards :

• ISO 9001 (NF EN ISO 9001 - Version 2008)
Provides additional quality management system requirements to product requirements

• ISO 13485 (NF EN 13485- Version 2004)
Gives specific requirements to Medical Devices. Furthermore, the EC approval of the complete quality assurance system (Annex II to Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices) shows that the products comply with the provisions of the Directive. EC-1014: No of the notifying body (EFU) recognized at European level for the marking of products in the medical range

• ISO 14001 (NF EN ISO 14001 - Version 2004)
Provides environmental requirements