Hydroalcoholic gel

Our hydroalcoholic products are designed for hygienic treatment or surgicalhand disinfection by friction. Designed for anyone who has to work in aseptic conditions (dental surgeons, doctors, nurses...) or enter in the operating room and in industrial clean rooms.

The friction technique enables improved adherence to hand hygiene effectively, saving time and reducing the risk of intolerance (more effective and bettertolerated than washing). It is recommended especially in an emergency situation, in case of impossible access to a washing station.

The hygienic hand suitable for an intermediate level of risk.

The surgical hand disinfection is suitable for a high level of infection risk.

>Bactericidal : NF EN 13727

>Yeasticidal : NF EN 13624

>Virucidal : EN 14476 sur H1N1, BVDV, PRV, Norovirus, Adenovirus

Hand hygienic treatment : NF EN 1500

hand surgical disinfection : NF EN 12791

Use biocides safety. Before using, read the label and product information.

References and packaging


Distributeur à 1000

Distributeur à 2000

Support 300 ml

Display Bactimains® CHA

Stainless steel distributor with elbow lever for pouches and refills of soaps and hydroalcoholic products.

Ref : LB921480

Plastic distributor with elbow lever for pouches and refi lls of soaps and hydroalcoholic products..

Ref : LB921490

Plastic support for 300ml bottle of hydroalcoholic.

Ref : 863

Width: 25 cm -  height : 30.5 cm - depth : 24.5 cm. Holds 24 100 ml bottles or 5 300 ml bottles.

Ref : M0008

   LB921490  863  

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