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Odorless wipes disinfectant

Single use wipes for cleaning and disinfecting the child's environment: high chairs, kitchen worktops, door handles, toys *, teats *, pacifiers *, changing mat, pots, baby baths ... The format "wipes" allows to take them everywhere: in public places, in the restaurant, on holidays, by car...

Complies with the legislation concerning the cleaning of equipment which may bein contact with foodstuffs. For this use, compulsory drinking water rinsing. (Order of 08/09/99 amended by the decree 19/12/13).

Biocidal product PT2 and 4.

* Rinse with potable water surfaces /objects that may come into contact with children's mouths.

Bactericidal : EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 13727, EN 16615

Yeasticidal : EN 1650, EN 13697, EN 13624, EN 16615

Sporicidal : EN 13704

Virucidal : EN 14476 sur PRV, BVDV, H1N1, Herpès, Vaccinia virus, µ

Rotavirus, Norovirus

Used biocides safety. Before using, read the label and product information.

References and packaging


Présentoir Bactynea

Kit PLV Bactynea

Width : 33 cm - height : 43 cm - depth : 34 cm. Holds : 15 40 wipes box or 12 120 wipes boxes or 12 250 ml spray.

Ref : T001

Box of 25 shelf talket and 25 C. Channel sign.

   STOP-RAYON : format 12 x 12 cm

   REGLETTE : format 51 x 5 cm

Ref : W003


prsentoir bactynea grand publicOrapi BACTYNEA reglette 50x200mm

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